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Glyconutrients Q & A Part 3

Q. I am a medical doctor who just stumbled upon your webpage regarding glyconutrients, having failed to find any information on Medline that was of any use. I have a young patient with end-stage, metastatic neuroblastoma and her mother is (understandably) desperate to try anything that offers even a whisper of promise to save her child’s life. She mentioned glyconutrients as an option, so I decided to look into it. I found the same glyconutrient information you did, namely not much at all. A couple of in vitro studies and a lot of sales hype. Thank you for posting a webpage with an honest perspective on the glyconutrient craze. Seeing as how so many people do their "research" on the internet, it is important to have objective assessments out there as well.

Glyconutrients Q & A Part 3
A. No one has responded to provide a human study with Mannatech glyconutrients and its cure of a disease. I am skeptical of case histories with glyconutrients since this a multi level marketing scheme and there are tons of distributors who are likely to make up fake testimonials as opposed to a supplement that is not distributed in a multi level marketing way. We update this page on glyconutrients on a regular basis.

Q. I am not connected in anyway with Mannatech, nor do I yet use their glyconutrient products, however, in my research on the internet, specifically on MIT's site, I find all of the monosaccharides that Mannatech claims active use in their glyconutrient products, are being studied at great length by MIT. Is you web page on Glyconutrients inconsistent with the studies being done by MIT in these areas of sugars interactions with proteins on the cellular levels.

A. Our web page does not say that sugars attached to other molecules are harmful or beneficial. It just says that the term glyconutrients is not a necessary term, it was made up by a MLM company and I look forward to research on various sugars and sugar-related substances and their potential benefit or harm.

Comment 1: Dear Doctor: I am a medical doctor and thought you may be interested in some updated information on Mannatech and glyconutrient. It is an article, "Pill Cure Claims Draw Investigation By State: Mannatech Accused of Failing to Prove Sugar Pills Can Remedy Various Diseases" RedNova Sun, 29 Oct 2006 By Leigh Hopper, Houston Chronicle Oct. 29 - "Mannatech, a Dallas-area company that sells sugar pills touted to cure cancer, Down syndrome and a panoply of other conditions, is under investigation by the Texas Attorney General's Office for possible deceptive trade practices".

Comment 2: After being diagnosed with a fatty liver from long-term antibiotic use, a friend of my mine gave me a CD with testimonials etc., on glyconutrients. My gut instinct told me to be skeptical and I searched on the internet for glyconutrient studies, of many of which are confusing and MASKED by Mannotech!!! Thank you so much for sifting through this "junk" for us patients!!! From Michigan. P.S. Since I'm on supplements for my liver, I am now subscribing to your newsletter to help me use these supplements wisely!

Comment 3: I recently read your comment online regarding glyconutrient. Since it isn't dated I was wondering if you ever received a response to your questions? Do you still have the same opinion now toward glyconutrients? What comments do you have for the people it has helped? mere coincidence? I'm still on the fence about it. I value your opinion. My own research on gylconutrients gets clouded by information Mannatech is linked to. I don't necessarily like the whole MLM way of promoting a product and am skeptical. However, I feel the pharmaceutical industry can be equally "shady" and irrisponsible with what they produce, promote & advertise.
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Glyconutrients And Perception, Cognition And Memory

Neuropsychological tests were administered to 62 college students to assess the influence of glyconutrients on perception, cognition and memory in two randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, counterbalanced studies. Participants were given both a glyconutritional supplement and a control substance prior to testing.

Glyconutrients And Perception, Cognition And MemoryIn Exp. 1. A Same-Different visual discrimination task, Raven's Standard Progressive Matrices, and the Stroop test were administered.

In Exp. 2, Simple and complex working-memory capacity were measured.

Participants receiving the supplement performed significantly more accurately on the visual discrimination task and the first session of the simple working-memory test.

Comments: There are dozens of inexpensive and easily available over the counter herbs and nutrients that influence memory and mental abilities. Examples include acetyl l carnitine, ginkgo biloba, DMAE, choline, cdp-choline, vinpocetine, fish oils, certain B vitamins, etc. One could easily use these or others and most will be less expensive than glyconutrients.

Percept Mot Skills. 2009 Feb; Stancil AN, Hicks LH. Howard University, 2400 Sixth Street N.W., Washington, DC 20059, USA, Source.
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Glyconutrients Research

Glyconutrients Research Information

Previous studies have shown that mannosylated bovine serum albumin (mBSA) enhances the respiratory burst (RB), phagocytosis, and killing of Candida albicans and Escherichia coli by resident murine peritoneal macrophages (Mphi). Upregulation of the above Mphi functions was associated with the binding of mBSA to the macrophage mannose receptor. The present study was done to determine if certain glyconutrients could stimulate Mphi functions in a similar manner. Resident peritoneal murine Mphi collected from C57BL/6 mice were exposed to the glyconutrients for 10 and 60 min. The RB was measured using chemiluminescence.

Glyconutrients ResearchBoth phagocytosis and killing were measured after incubation with each of the following microorganisms: Candida albicans, Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. The percent phagocytosis and killing were determined using fluorescence microscopy. Results indicated that certain glyconutrients, caused a dose and time dependent effect on Mphi-induced killing of all three microorganisms.

We received this email from someone who read the study listed below and had a comment about it: "I was reading on your website about the use of glyconutrients and saw research update where you listed Dr. See's research at UC Irvine. I just want to inform you that Mannatech is using a study supposedly performed at UC Irvine and partially funded by NIH, which is untrue. Just thought you should update your report on "glyconutrients" because it appears on your website that this is a valid study (albeit in a test tube), but in reality it's just more Mannatech propoganda. Mannatech apparently paid Dr. See more than $100,000 to speak at sale rallies and conduct research, and his wife has been a Mannatech distributor since 1997. Thanks for the work you do! See the link below for the thorough report on this fraud: Study was debunked, Mannatech suing Dr. See:".

The in vitro immunomodulatory effects of glyconutrients on peripheral blood mononuclear cells of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome. Integr Physiol Behav Sci. 1998. See DM, Cimoch P, Chou S, Chang J, Tilles J. University of California, Irvine, Department of Medicine, Orange.

A good article on Glyconutrients and Mannatech

This is a quote from a September 2006 newspaper article on glyconutrients written by Denny Robbins for the Star-Telegram: "These and other issues have caused outrage among some advocacy groups and brought scrutiny from at least two state attorneys general, a class-action lawsuit and questions from some of the world's pre-eminent scientists. "My blood boils when I think about all the desperate people who have taken this stuff on," said Hudson Freeze, a professor of glycobiology at the Burnham Institute for Medical Research in La Jolla, Calif. For details, see

Glyconutrient Review Articles

This email was sent to us in August 2008.

Doctor, here is new information that you may wish to post on your site. Prominent glycobiologists expose the glyconutrient scam in great detail in the academic journal Glycobiology. Source.

Effects of a glyconutrient on macrophage functions. Int J Immunopharmacol. 2000. Lefkowitz DL, Stuart R, Gnade BT, Roberts E, Lefkowitz SS. Department of Biological Sciences, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas.
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Glyconutrients Q&A Part 2

Q. If you were referring people to a website that sold glyconutrients, don't you think you would say good things about a glyconutrient product?
A. I could easily refer people to a website that sold a glyconutrient product and say good things about Mannatech glyconutrients on this page and get a referral commission. But since I don't have any proof that they treat or cure a disease or are any better than other sugar related supplements that are cheaper, no amount of money would influence my opinion.
Q. Hi Dr. Sahelian: I stand with you in your comments on glyconutrients. I had some patients that began to ask me questions. However, what I have found were the two studies you've found plus one dissertation Glyconutrients and cognition, perception, and memory by Stancil, Atiya Njeri, PhD, HOWARD UNIVERSITY, 2005, 55 pages; 3184894
I don't believe the dissertation has been published yet. I briefly read through the papers presented in the glyconutrition science website> and These are all sponsored by Mannatech and other pharmaceutical companies. They look promising, but I am like you, I would like to see the publications in the mainstream scientific journals.
Glyconutrients Q & A 2
Q. Dear Doctor: I am a retired medical doctor and read your web page on glyconutrient with great interest and have several comments that you may find helpful. If you look at the compositions of these glyconutrients (gum tragacanth, gum ghatti, arabinogalactan, aloe vera gel polysaccharides) you will note they are gums and fibers. These plant polysaccharides are soluble fiber and are not digestible. Therefore, their sugars could never be released and absorbed by the body. These fiber are destined to be fermented by the colonic bacteria in the gut where they are used as nutrients to make more bacteria. No study has ever shown that the human body absorbs sugars from a diet of fiber. Mannatech makes the sugars appear to be necessary and also essential by telling people they are no longer in the modern diet.
The truth is that these glycontutrient sugars can be obtained in the modern diet from the glycoforms that cover every cells, but these sugars are most likely made by the body from other sugars. They say these glycontutrient sugars are needed for optimal health. There has never been a study that shows taking more of these sugars has any health maintaining purpose. Mannatech brandishes every piece of scientific literature on glycoscience and glycomics as validating their product when in fact these paper have absolutely nothing to do with their glycontutrient product. This is a flagrant, although clever and deceptive, example of falsely misleading the consumer. It certainly puts a black mark on the otherwise legitimate dietary supplement industry and needs to be addressed.
Q. Hello Doctor. Below is part of an email that I recently received from a friend. My guess is that my friend is going to start selling this Ambrotose. It sure looks like a marketing scam (and a bunch of lies) to me. I did email your glyconutrient website link to her. This is what she had emailed me, "Hey I really want to talk to you about this new technology that I am promoting. Father Derrick is on this new wellness program I introduced him to, and he is very pleased. It is tops in the WORLD. Everyone on the planet will want it. It is a new discovery called Ambrotose. It is the discovery by a doctor who found that there are 8 essential sugars ( glyconutrients ) that help the body heal itself naturally plus more. It is outstanding discovery.
He has won three Nobel prizes, the glyconutrient product is patented in 20 countries, his wife is feeding it to the malnourish children in third world countries. she has reached 10,000 so far. they have a new life filled with hope and promise now. Use the stock market as a measure stick if you so wish...stocks are going higher and higher and higher. there is no limit. this is going to be the end of outrageous doctors cost, hospitalization, medication. People are going to take control back of their health - if they so choose it. Glyconutrients are another one of God's miracles in nature. It is a miracle the way the body does this. It is about cell to cell communication, and how they heal themselves with this Ambrotose. Pay is here... Look forward to hearing from you soon...
Q. Hi and thanks for allowing me to ask you all a question regarding Glyconutrition. First do you sell a glyconutrient product, and secondly, is a glyconutrient supplement safe to take orally? With all the different ingredients in Glyconutrients I'm concerned about it's safety record, especially with long-term use, as well as it's effectiveness.
A. Since we mention that there have been no disease treatment human studies with Mannatech glyconutrients that we are aware of, we can't say if they are effective or not. Also, we do not know the long term health consequences of a glyconutrient supplement, positive or negative.
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Glyconutrients Q&A Part 1

Q. I read your article and now I am more confused than ever. I have listened to a CD with Dr Dan Fouts, Dr Alex Omelchuk and Dr Michael Schlachter (all MD's) who claim that there has been much written on glyconutrients. Not only has research been done but they are using it in their practices. New Sun bottles a product called Salmana, that product is suppose to be good for just about everything. Are these Doctors telling the truth or just digging deeper into there research?

Glyconutrients Information
A. For the time being, I stand by my comments above. If there are human studies with Mannatech glyconutrients that these products treat or cure a particular disease, I am not aware of them.

Q. I just found out about Ambrotose. I bought some for a friend with Hep B. I went to the sales rep's site It sounds very convincing, especially with the AMA backing.  Then, I find your article on glyconutrients ...I am confused! Would you visit the and read what is I being taken? I kinda feel like I am.

A. We generally don't comment on information posted on other web sites only to say that we stand by the glyconutrient info on our site. It is for the consumer to judge the integrity of the info they read on the internet or in print. We have had this glyconutrient web page on for several years requesting anyone who has a published study on Mannatech glyconutrient research to email it to us, and all we get is sales people sending us email on testimonials that most likely they have made up claiming that glyconutrients are a cure all. We're still waiting for even one good human study on Mannatech glyconutrients in terms of treating a disease. At this time there is no evidence that Mannatech glyconutrient supplements help with cancer, lupus, heart disease, myasthenia gravis, hepatitis, fibromyalgia, cystic fibrosis, or anything else.

Q. I read your comment about glyconutrients, and would like to tell you that you can get continuing medical education approved by the AMA by going to Proevity dot com/homepage.html. If you would like to buy syllabi on different disease states please go to FisherInstitute dot org. Dr. Omelchuck & others you named on your explanation of you didn't find studies on glyconutrients with people, is a real person I've heard several times, along with Dr. Dan Fouts etc. On Satudays at noon EST there is a free "chat" that only requires anyone to put in any name to join it. The author of chapter 56, Harper's Biochemistry Medical Textbook year 1996, examined Mannatech's science & joined the "Editorial Board." He also has spoken to us who have had their life turn around by taking core nutrients that aren't in our food chain, or very scarcely & extemely hard to find. You can download a free powerpoint presentation of Dr. Robert Murray's by going to DoctorsHealthCall dot com & clicking on "past speakers." It's further down the page. I do guess you've seen GlycoScience dot org? I wish you the best, a Mannatecher who has been relieved of deep pains, a back that had me in the ER, lost >70 lbs {phytogenins}, and other wonderful things.

A. I'm still waiting for human glyconutrients study before making any definitive comments.
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